About Us

We are a service provider for hardware engineering companies who desire an engineering processes performance leap by virtual prototyping.

Our service is a framework and solution set built on pioneering experience and knowledge that is business oriented and unlike other actors our offering addresses all problem and solution areas of a successful virtual prototyping and simulation driven design.

Simulation processes, automation and data management solutions are our core expertise and offering

Founders have 40+ years of experience further strengthened by partners

Process & business knowhow

NablasLabs has the process and business knowhow of how to plan and established Virtual Prototyping as a competitive advantage of R&D.

“… at Nokia and Microsoft the founders of NablasLabs were key drivers and contributors in the change from prototyping dependent Hardware engineering into simulation driven Virtual Prototyping that became acknowledge as a core competitive business advantage…”

Technology & solutions knowhow

NablasLabs has the technology and solutions knowhow of how to provide the operational efficiency Virtual Prototyping requires

….we did starting end year 2008 plan, develop, deploy and support 120+ users out of which 60 very active on three continents (San Diego, Vancouver, London, Ulm in Germany, Copenhagen, several sites in Finland, Beijing and Tokyo) a SimManager system with a high level of automation, high availability, integrations to PDM&CAD and queue management system, libraries of standard components and materials, BOM based assembly of standard components and meshed project parts, automated results dashboards with pointers to root cause investigation for excess in stress levels and many other things…



Increase your business impact by NablasLabs consultancy

– Current State Analysis & and opportunity identification

– Goal setting and change planning

– Change deployment support


Virtualize the test portfolio executing your process

– The NablasLabs virtualization approach and experience tested in practice

– Our synergy network to get your virtual tests developed.


Optimize tools usage for your process and methods

– Automated software client installations by GetApps

– How to enrich simulation tools with in-house solutions

– How to integrate with your process


Automate preprocessing utilizing NablasLabs pioneering expertise

– Detect your potential for automation of repeatedly executed manual tasks

– Get your high-performance  automation tools from NablasLabs built on our DECK framework

Post Processing

Use NablasLabs expertise to plan and create automation

–  Extraction of the essentials within the huge results data

–  Approaches to intelligent visual reporting. Holistic to detail view

–  Automation solutions build on our GRES framework

Data Management

Implement your simulation PLM tools faster by NablasLabs tested services

– Planning, development, deployment and even daily support

– Building of integrations and libraries using our library concept

Tools and Solutions

Full Process

NablasLabs approach for building an automated unbroken simulation data chain with and without support of SPDM systems


DECK & GRES – Our framework for efficiently automating pre- and post processing tasks

Material Scan

Material data scan – Scanning of company simulation directories finding and analyzing all models to create content for company material database


GetApps – Our platform independent application for automated pull installation of simulation and engineering software

Library Concept

Our approach for creating component, modules and material libraries that are more than a mere repository

Efficient Results

Analysis of vast amount of simulation results through dashboards, drill-down to detail views and root cause investigation

Other Solutions

Several other solutions – Please make contact to discuss details


To be announced


Whether your company is in the early stages of adopting or already masters simulation driven design and virtual prototyping NablasLabs offerings will help you advance on your goals

Engage to discuss and identify opportunities

  • Discuss mutual opportunities within our consultation services
  • Find out what our readily available automation and other solutions could offer your company

Get in touch with:

Marcus Theman, CEO
+358 50 551 4270 marcus.theman@nablaslabs.com

Pasi Siitonen, CTO, pasi.siitonen@nablaslabs.com

Krzysztof Przysowa, Consultant & Advisor, krzysztof.przysowa@nablaslabs.com